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Atiqah Erlina
13 March 2010 @ 01:50 pm
Do you like pancakes?
What's your favourite toothpaste?
Do you like Shindong?
What's you favourite color?
Who's your favourite member?
My grandpa's got big boobs D:
Your husbandHeechul
Your loverHankyung
Your f**ckbuddyYesung
Your motherSiwon
Your fatherYesung
Your brotherShindong
Your sisterDonghae
Family PetYesung
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LOL~! So I'm fucking Yesung who's also my dad?! haha~! no wayyy...
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Atiqah Erlina
13 March 2010 @ 01:48 pm
Do you like my grandpa's boobs?
Is Shindong a funny name?
Is Sungmin cute?
Do you love SJ boys?
Who's your favourite?
Who's your least favourite?
Do you want to marry you boyfriend?
Do you want to have children?
Your boyfriend is:Heechul
Will you marry him?True
How much children will you have?8
Will you argue a lot?Yeah
Who will be your lover?Kibum
Will your husband know about your affair?Yeah
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Atiqah Erlina
13 March 2010 @ 02:30 am
So I checked my results yesterday, 2 words : SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH. I was so worried that I might have to repeat any paper, I mean staying in Petaling Jaya for another sem was not an option.

I mean sure I didn’t make the “DEAN’S LIST”, regardless, I’m just appreciative of the fact that I didn’t failed. Gombak, here I come~! Another 4 years and I can finally graduate as an engineer~!!! Hopefully so…

Now I can focus on going to the Super Junior concert with a clear head and nothing to worry. I can’t wait~! Its less than a week!! Must start memorizing the fanchants!!!

So earlier this sem, my dad promised me a certain amount of money if I score a certain grade this sem. When I told him my results, he even kissed me on the cheek!! 3 times!!! Well we were in the middle of a family drama thanks to my brother, I thought that would be a great time to break the good news of me not failing any paper. So I made it clear to my dad that regardless, I want a phone. My Sony Ericsson k610i has been used since the last 4 years. I know, talk about “ENDURANCE”.

Well, nothing compared to Christoph Walt’s endurance in the acting world of course. Have I mentioned how much I love this guy, he’s awesome~! A well deserved oscar christoph! “That’s an UBER-BINGO~!”

So right now I’m contemplating on what phone brand to use. Chongmall… I can’t make up my mind. I’m so picky that’s the problem. I’d rather not buy than buying something that I don’t… Like. Right now LG Arena is on top. But my cousin, Iqa, who’s using LG herself is all, “Don’t. LG sucks.” So there you go, another crossroad. Regardless, hopefully I do end up with a new phone. My old phone has gone ngek ngok on me, literally.

Tonight I went to pasar tani with my mom, whoaa~!! The popiah was to die 4!!! So on the way back, my mom suddenly mentioned that when she retires from working with Kementerian Kesihatan next year, she’ll give me the vios car!!! Well not like, legally or anything, she’ll give it to me so that I can drive it around campus!!!

DDDUUDDEEE~!! That’s fucking major ok!!! Gombak to me seems like its just 3 inches from KL and a foot away from Genting Highland!!! Okay, well not literally. *Exaggerating much…* So my mom will officially retire from working with the government next year on August. So it’ll be during my 2nd year on college, I can wait for a year. It’ll pass by quickly…

Tomorrow me and my parents are going back to Batu Pahat. My cousin, Kak Zaimah, is getting engaged. That will be on Sunday but there’ll be a TAHLIL on the night of Saturday. Definitely looking forward to 3-4 hours of driving. The last time I drove from Batu Pahat to KL I drove 160 km/h. So hopefully this time around I’ll be more sane while driving. Regardless, first thing to do tomorrow is to burn 2 CD’s. One filled with kpop and another with GLEE~!!!

Goodnight everybody~! I’ve yawned for the gazillionth time it seem…

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Atiqah Erlina
10 March 2010 @ 03:11 am
If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s procrastinating. I wonder if there is a job where you’re specialty is to procrastinate. Cause I’m sure I’d be damn good at it.


The easiest example is the fact that I have yet to finish watching True Blood, to-date. I don’t know. When I’m not obsessed with something, I don’t have the initiative to finish it. Unlike certain obsessions, I don’t get tired watching the same thing OVER & OVER AGAIN. It’s very unhealthy.


So today I woke up at 10 am, or maybe 11 am. But decided to tergolek2 atas katil for another hour or so.


So I moved my body at around 12 to find that my dad has gone to the hospital to get his eyes checked. His eyes are not in good condition, which worries me since he got his left corner or was it iris replaced with an artificial one. That’s two MINOR surgery (minor, but MAJOR anxiousness on us) in one year.


I feel so bad for him so I tried to be a good daughter throughout the day. I prepared his lunch, (which is very rare in my case) I even prepared a jug of ribena!!! My poor dad, he just slept the entire day.


The only productive thing I did the whole day is tweeting, playing pet society obsessively (I’ve collected like, 16000 coins and even adopted a lion cub which I named Simba for my pet called Aoki), and…


Did I mention I cooked lauk sayur today?? I did~!! It smelt like toxic unfortunately, to my nose anyway. I wonder if I put too much maggi cukup rasa. Or too much pepper? God knows but I’ve learnt my lesson. Plus I guess I did put too much water. So much for my soup sayur.


Later I picked up my mom from work, and at night we went back again to her office because she forgot her purse. I call myself a slave driver. I might even do it for free. I just love driving, it’s literally my caffeine. No matter how sleepy I am, gimme the wheel and I’ll drive in 120 km/h in 5 seconds. Well, that’s if I was driving an SLR McLaren of course.


I’m so happy, this upcoming 30th of March, I shall no longer be under PROBATION. I will have my solid driver license~!!



In fact I feel for someone who has :

1. Defy the odds with my height to drive a NAZA RIA car~! (once at 120 km/hr! And my parents are right, if you can drive a HUGE car like that. You can drive anything…)
2. Drive the Toyota Vois 160 km/hr from Johor to Putrajaya (well not all the way admittedly)~!
3. Drive a Chevrolet car from Atlantic City to Niagara Falls (not all the way either but it was without GPS and solely dependant on GOOGLE MAPS, and with the car all terbalik from the signal to the driver’s seat etc.)
4. Scratched her friend’s parent’s HONDA CIVIC car without paying a cent (though my conscience told me to, but my bank account said no)
5. Potong these huge-size lorry like optimus prime size and mind you the fucking highway there in the states that I was driving on were literally two lanes only. 2 small fucking lanes.
6. Drove over the speed limit while the police was behind my back the whole fucking time. (I was in the States, since I’m under probation obviously I shouldn’t drive in another country. I think the limit was like, 75 miles/hr but I went 90-100’ish miles/hr.)
7. Then there was this incident where I was driving and my dad was sleeping at the back and there was this “bonet” in the middle of the road and I panicked, I like pressed on the brakes but then like… Well long story short me and my parents lived to tell this story. But it was literally a life & death situation.
8. Involved in a hit & run. I wasn’t the one who hit of course, I was the one who ran since I was a passenger.
9. Etc.
*Kamsamida Si Won Oppa~!*

Long story short, in the short span of 2 years me being under probation, so much have happened. Basically the last time I touched a manual car was on the day of my JPJ test. I wonder if I still remember how to drive a manual car.


On much brighter news, today I watched Invincible Youth. Simply because my Hee Chul was on~! XP I’ve been dying to watch the video with English subs. So to finally watch it today was a relief and it was sooo worth it. Hee Chul’s drama is finally over, I really hope he’ll appear more in variety shows or start MC’ing again. I miss hee chul being hee chul.



P/S : Forgive my kpop gif, I’m bored~
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Atiqah Erlina
08 March 2010 @ 05:31 pm
Omo. Looks like the last time I blogged in livejournal was like, nearly 2 months ago!!!

Well its mainly because I’m lazy anddd… I’m just not in the blogging mood. This even after 2 weeks since my finals ended. I have literally become a couch potato + lazy bum. Though I have been cooking and helping my dad out in the kitchen. I actually cooked AYAM PEDAS the other day, well with the help of my dad of course. Without him I might even burn the house down, XD Even my dad was like, “Take a picture! This is historic. You can show it to your friends later.”


Looking back, I wonder if he was just being “sarcastic”. Anyhoo, I’ve been dying to watch this film online. PRECIOUS. Yeah sure it was very hyped up but apart from that, I just want to watch a real gritty movie. Basically, because of my super sslloowww internet connection, I’ve only watched the 1st 10 minutes of the movie. The 1st 10 minutes already had a “WTF moment”, which was when her OWN dad fucking raped her, and her mom just stood there doing fucking nothing about it.


Apparently in this movie, Precious is an overweight teenager who is illiterate living in Harlem around the year 1987 who is currently pregnant with her 2nd child. She’s literally still in junior high. I can’t wait to finish this movie. Hopefully my internet connection will speed up a bit.


So this upcoming Thursday, my finals result will come out. Lying if I say I’m not one bit nervous, cause I am. I just don’t want to repeat any subject. If anything, I am very concerned with my Physics 4. I failed my mid term paper, if my dad knows I’m dead. ← exaggerate-much.


Regardless, I’m scared. I just don’t wanna go back there again (UIA PJ). No, 2 years is mmoorree than enough. But, kalau dah ditakdirkan that I shall have to repeat any subject, I shall accept my fate. I’m sure ada hikmah disebalik all of this.


Now, to a much much JOYOUS NEWS. SUPER JUNIOR is coming to tooowwwnnn!!!!


I can’t wait to see si won’s ABS (LIVE~!!!):

super junior

HEESICA – I hope gee will be performed :


and SULHEE – I wanna see chu~ suju style :


I can’t wait, I can’t wait~!!!

I’ll post me & my cousin’s tickets soon. Did I mention I even got this hhhuuugggeee SUJU poster too. I mean its, its huge. Now I know I exaggerate a lot but this is the truth. I’ll post piccies soon. (credits to Nina & Kak Fida~!)


I think that’s all for now, I’ll try to blog more consistenly. Though I have been blogging on my tumblr too. Its crazy, I “micro-blog” at twitter, but I also blog at Live Journal (my 1st ever blog), blogspot and more recently tumblr. I even have a tumblr dedicated towards my kpop obsession so due drop by : www.sujuobsession.tumblr.com

P/S : I'm lovviinngg my new LJ layout, its flowery~! http://emo.huhiho.com
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Atiqah Erlina

oh. my god.


















*admittedly the cursing was unnecessary but that's just how i exaggerate*

the f**ked up part was that i spent it at home, asleep, in my kaften, on my bed, completely unconscious.

like i was literally, asleep. though i woke up by myself at around 1.30 am to notice that i've completely missed out in all the drama & commotion.

oh well...

so! what are my new year's resolution this year:

1. to beautify my ibadah towards Allah s.w.t *I know I'm still lacking in that department...*

2. to be a better daughter to my parents.

3. to be a better friend towards my friends, esp my roommate. srry guys, i know i can be pretty loud at times.


if i can achieve all these 3 as cheesy as it all may sound, i think i'd be happy.

admittedly, i haven't blogged recently because my life was just so full of ups and downs. literally.

a day before my birthday hankyung filed a lawsuit against sm which may cause him to leave super junior. *i know its a no big deal to like, 19/20 of the population of the world but as a TRUE ELF, it totallyyy matters*

then on my birthday my friend's were completely ignorant of it, which I swear to god, I didn't take it PERSONALLY simply because I thought THEY too, were affected with the whole hankyung commotion.

but later at night, at around 11 pm, before i officially turn 19 and 1 day, my roommates and a whole couple of friends wished me a happy birthday with 2 chocolate cakes and even pranking me in the bathroom and later in the room that is KC 704.

jaga2 korang, esp u ili. u even took my bra and hid it in your locker!!! wtf???!!!

when its you guys punya birthday plak, bukan NILA je aku letak, u ili, aku letak buah fav ko skali, peram2 lagi, DURIAN!!!

u heard me gurl!!

then a couple of days later, my mom called me, crying. and i knew it. i knew it instantly. my mom's sister, my aunt just died. eventhough i had an exam coming up, it was just BTQ, i decided to go and balik kluang. i don't think i want to talk more about it, it'll just put me in a down mood. with the whole family drama that went on...

i don't know... last week was the hardest week of the year 2009. it was literally, bittersweet. when it was sweet, it was too sweet. but when it was BITTER, i can't even swallow it.


so technically, i haven't gotten a birthday present from my parents. malulah... buat apa nak berkira... birthday or not, i'm indebted to them for life! plus with my aunt's sudden pass away, it would be rude for me to demand anything.

now that i'm old enough, i know better. it doesn't matter. birthday cake or not. as long as you spend it with the people you love.

last nite, my mom offered to get me a new hp.

i was a bit stunned. my mom sanggup beli fon yg potong duit kredit kad dia tiap2 bulan. but in the list it was just samsung, samsung omnia lah. i'm not very familiar with samsung's featured tbh.

like at this point of my life, and i swear to god i'm not exaggerating, the only 2 phones i'd like to own is:

1. iPhone (even hankyung has 1 and donghae unless it was an iTouch...)

2. blackberry (a white one, the one that heidi montag owns)

of course, i'm realistic about it. if i was to own and buy one myself, it'd probably be a couple of years from now where there would probably be a better and newer version of both.

nak cucuk my parents, hhmm... seganlah pulak.

so now i'm at another crossroad in my life, to own another phone, which is not exactly my dream phone, but at least its a NEW PHONE. or... wait until i can get my DREAM phone, which i can't take my eyes off.

but you know how life works. i'd probably end up with my old phone.


so my dad just drop the randomest news yesterday. he informed me that the night before he and my mom went to alamanda and bought a 42 inch PHILLIPS LCD TV!!!


believe me it was shocking because i assure you here and now, my dad is probably the most frugal human being in MALAYSIA at least... he'd never spend anything without a good cause. so yeah, it was totally random and took me off guard.

the best part, it even has USB connections!!! i mean that's just the icing on the cake people... to think that i can play all my super junior vids on a 42 inch TV?! Allah s.w.t has answered my prayer, literally... *exaggerate-much*

the tv was suppose to be sent today. omomomomo... i can't wait. the 1st think i'm going to do tonight is definitely brain-washing my parents with all the suju vids i have starting from exploration of human body, full house, intimate note, come to play, etc.

i'm literally turning my parents into an ELF!!! u heard me!!!


but i do worry if it can play the avi. and flv. format. o well, we'll see how it goes... *nervous*

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Atiqah Erlina
22 December 2009 @ 01:21 am
such a sad day to be an ELF today, and yesterday.

i woke up to my evening sleep which i seldom do to the

most horrendous news an ELF could possibly get.

hankyung-sshi, is possibly getting out of super junior.


how cud he??!!

so like, me and my friends tried to stay positive.

we, ok correction, I, was overly emotional about the whole thing.

i literally tergolek2 atas katil, just swearing at this whole situation.

like what happened? everything was so happy. super junior

was going to end on top. their single sorry sorry is like, the best

song of 2009! (debatable of course, in my opinion anyway)


and then THIS. after winning the GDA award, the super show 2 in nanjing,

wif hee chul even mentioning about hankyung in his cyworld.


what's even more heartbreaking was kyu hyun's sudden update on his minihompy.


he posted in perfect english :

"Even a beast don't bite the hand that feeds one...

I can not understand..."

my interpretation :

he's saying hankyung, is worst than a beast. he is UNGRATEFUL.

well other elf's interpretation was a little harsh to a point where they

attacked his minihompy with hateful comments telling how he should

have stand by his leader (in suju-m). so what kyuhyun did? he closed his

cyworld. see when i first heard about this news, i tried to stay as positive

as possible. but throughout this whole kyu hyun commotion, this pretty

much confirms that hankyung did not consulted any/all of the super junior

members before he submitted to terminate his sm contract to the court. and

that saddens me even more! how could he? after all that they've been through.

i'm so depressed and tired to continue this post. lets hope i can still somehow

enjoy my birthday today. 19. yay~! but still, fuck you hankyung for doing this to

me and all the other ELFs throughout the world (exaggerate-much).


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Atiqah Erlina
Seoul, I Love You (Episode 5 - She's Got You High)

Title: Seoul, I Love You

Author: atiqah_erlina

Pairing: Hee Chul finally come clean to Aoki about his feelings, Nickhun plead one last time to save what he had with Aoki.

Rating: PG 13 (swear words here n there, I mean nothing extreme)

Genre: Romance & Humour

Disclaimer: Inspired by one of my favourite reality shows. XP

Dong Hae & Kibum~! ^_^Collapse )
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Atiqah Erlina
17 December 2009 @ 02:22 am
“that's wat life is all about, unfairness, full of sh*t, and constantly a b*tch.” Quote from myself.


I swear to god sometimes I wish the world is like the film zombieland. Just full of zombies and less humans. Less human equals to less drama for me. And that’s a good enough of a world for me. Plus, it would be fun to shoot those zombies or anything living (sort of) without feeling guilty.

Today I’m very unproductive. Oh wait, I did translated my mom’s report. But apart from that, I’m such a bad daughter. I think my dad is the only father in the world who can accept a girl like me as her daughter. I appreciate though having lunch with him at medan selera pre. 9. Its times like these that makes me realize what matters the most in this life, your parents. I once thought about this when I was little, that if I was to lose any or even both of my parents, that I was gonna commit suicide. Haha, literally. I just, didn’t know how to survive without them. I don’t know, maybe its because I’m a****ed.


One of my greatest fear in life, is to lose them. Even worst, to lose them, and not having the chance to repay them back. That’s all I aim in life, to make lots of money, and give them anything they want. Of course these materials don’t matter a thing to my parents, they actually get mad at me for buying them anything at all for their birthdays. I once made a promise and I shall stand by it. Once I’m getting a constant salary, I promised my dad a Tag Heuer watch and my mom an Ogawa Massage Chair.


I use to have a dream, an unrealistic one. But I imagined once that I had a loft, situated nicely at the Tribeca area in New York. I think I was a student at Columbia University, doing my Masters or PhD perhaps, or maybe I was a lecturer there, but the best part was that I brought my parents with me. My mom was there to cook for me because admittedly, I’m not the best cook in the world. Then I had my dad, who took such good care of the garden at my balcony and rooftop area. Every morning, when I go to class to “Columbia University”, my mom will go to the ‘halal’ grocery store while my dad jogs at Central Park.


Oh well, a girl can dream. That above, is of course. The ULTIMATE DREAM. It was fueled even more when I watched a re-run of the Panic Room the other day. This evening though, I opened channel 303, KBS World to watch Dream Team. Eun Hyuk of Super Junior and Minho of SHINee was on which got me excited enough to cheer them up. The funny part was when my mom cheered Eun Hyuk on when he was at the monkey bars by literally yelling, “Cepatlah~! Badan ko kecik je, muat!! Cepatlah!!! Cepat!!!” I laughed my ass off, literally.


Enough laughing. I think it’s for me to sleep. Hopefully I get to watch Avatar tomorrow with Kamilla. *fingers crossed*

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Atiqah Erlina
Today I woke at 10.45 am, only to realize that my appointment with my dear friend Kamilla whom I haven’t hang out with since forever, is at 11 am!!!


The f**ked up part is that I actually continued sleeping until 11.15 am. Thank god she sms’ed me, so I took my shower around 11.30.


After picking me up, we went to Alamanda. We sort of contemplated on where to eat. It was hard, weirdly. She wants me to pick where, but I wanted her to pick where. Usually when I go out to Midvalley with my UIA friends, I sort of gravitate towards Chicken Rice Shop which I think I’m secretly addicted to. And most of them are sick with Chicken Rice now, understandably.


When we were at GSC, we didn’t know what to watch. I’ve watched New Moon and I so don’t recommend it to her, it was almost as boring as pulp fiction but minus the filthy words. Just dialogues after dialogues with Kristin Stewart’s stupid emotionless face that makes me want to slap her. Kamilla on the other hand has watched Zombieland. So it was either Santau or Couples Retreat. Too bad there was no perfect time slot for Couples Retreat, so Kamilla picked Zombieland. In return, I pick Chicken Rice shop as a place to eat.


Okay that was boring, though when we were seated in the restaurant, we met with our high school friend, ZulAsyraf, who happened to be working his last day there at the Chicken Rice Shop. We use to be in the same form during form 1 to 3! So yeah, very happy to meet and talk to him. So fast forward at 1.30 pm we watched Zombieland, that movie is funny in a smart way. I actually enjoyed it, it wasn’t another tacky zombie movie. I love the whole “rule” concept, FUN-NY!!!


It wasn’t just good times though the movie, it was still very disgusting. The double tap and the…


But to me, Shaun of The Dead will always be my all time favourite comedy/zombie movie. Its hilarious!!!



Liz : …and that only exacerbates thing.

Shaun : What do you mean?

Liz : Well with me bringing my flat mates out and you bringing your flat mate out, things aren’t getting better. *I don’t think this was the exact dialogue.*

Shaun : No, I meant, what does exacerbate means?

Liz : *burn* It means, to make things worse. XD

After that we went online at Big Apple, Kamilla showing me her Conquer character while I took the advantage of the fast connection to download the audio to the super show 2 album. I’m listening to it as we speak, its sssooo good. It gives the illusion as if you’re at the concert!!!


I guess that’s all for today, I’m thoroughly tired now. Though I just read about this girl names Sophia Ridza. And damn do I envy her.


I’m definitely blogging about her soon, tomorrow perhaps. Adios~!
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